Judul:Crime Alert Episode 58 "Do Jallaad"
Diterbitkan:16 Februari 2018
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About Episode :
Today’s story about handicapped child Rahul and his friend Pinky. Both are belongs to very poor family where Pinky’s father used to theft to bear his expenses. Another side Rich Manjeet is away from his wife and daughter Kiran. He gets call girl in his house to entertain himself. Apart from Manjeet there is a servant named Mohan lives in Manjeet’s house. Mohan sees every girl with his lusty eyes but he can’t do anything. One day an anonymous kidnapped Pinky. After that Police gets Pinky’s dead body but some parts of the body were disappeared. Who done this with Pinky?? Pinky was raped?? Is there any connection between Mohan and Pinky?? To find out, watch the full episode.

About Crime Alert :
Crime Alert is an Indian crime television series aired by Dangal TV Channel owned by Enterr10 TV Pvt. Ltd. The series is based on real crime story which covers crime incidents across all over India.
It shows the story of victims struggle and the order to get justice for their sufferings. The motive of the show is, aware public to the crime and encourage to stop the crime. The show is being successfully broadcast since more than a years on the Dangal Channel.


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